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Beethoven's Letters ft. John Bell and Tinalley String Quartet - Wahgunyah


15 Sep 2018 TO 15 Sep 2018


Enjoy a day at All Saints Estate and witness the halls come alive with live entertainment from one of Australia's most acclaimed theatre personalities, John Bell and one of the finest string quartets of its generation, Tinalley String Quartet.

‘Beethoven’s Letters’ is a musical narrative that interweaves the letters and memoirs of Ludwig van Beethoven with the music of his String Quartets. For many people, they know the music of Beethoven intimately, yet his character remains a rich tapestry of ambiguities - a lover and philanderer; a man wounded by his faith yet searching for salvation; a child prodigy abused by his father; a father figure at the tender age of seventeen; a man besieged by illness, wrestling with depression.

In ‘Beethoven’s Letters’ you glimpse a man yearning to be understood by his fellow man, vulnerable through heartbreak, and through his music we feel the depth of his pain and anguish, but above all, his great capacity for love and wonder at the beauty of life.

‘Beethoven’s Letters’, by Anna Melville, features selected letters of Beethoven including the famous ‘immortal beloved’ correspondence and his Heiligenstadt Testament interspersed with movements from Beethoven’s String Quartets Opus 18, 74, 131, 132 and 135.

Entry Cost

All ticketsIncludes admission to concert and two course lunch with matching wines and coffee and tea by the team at 'one hat' Terrace Restaurant.180.00