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Mount Ophir Estate 2019 Guided Tours - Rutherglen


27 Jul 2019 TO 26 Oct 2019


In Rutherglen Australia, a rich history is often right under our noses.

One of the best examples is Mount Ophir Estate, known today for its iconic and luxurious 'Tower' accommodation, but actually, it's an important historical site in its own right now with new Mount Ophir Estate 2019 Guided Tours .

This 60-minute walking and talking tour is led by owners Eliza and Nicholas Brown and explores the history of Mount Ophir Estate from its iconic winery buildings to its extensive accommodation options.

This tour is a particularly good fit for heritage buffs and architecture enthusiasts, with in-depth coverage of the purchase of the property and its ongoing restoration. It also a great tour if you are looking to hold a private event in the near future.

Tours are limited to 20 people.

Entry Cost

All ticketsThere is a $10.00 charge per person and all funds are donated to the Rutherglen Historical Society, $2.64 is the booking fee12.64