Towns throughout the region have their own unique histories and you'll love nothing more than exploring their past. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the region which is proudly on display at the many museums, galleries and historic buildings.  


From captivating historic buildings such as the Oddfellows Hall and the Urana Courthouse, to the creation of Lake Mulwala and iconic artworks by Tommy McCrae, you will enjoy discovering a region which is steeped in history.

Learn about local legends, historic structures and the journey of townships from their establishment to what they are today.  

There are plenty of ways for you to explore the history of the area, from self guided tours to museums and story boards. But sometimes, the best way to learn about what makes this region so fascinating is to speak to the locals themselves - many of which have a family history which is embedded into the past of this region. 



Arts & Culture

Discover the region through the eyes of local artists and immerse yourself in the unique art and culture that plays such an integral role in the identity of this great region.  



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Corowa's History

Corowa’s rich history is on ample display with captivating historic buildings including the Corowa Courthouse and the Oddfellow’s Hall, where the People’s Convention actually took place.



Discover Corowa’s history

Howlong's History

With historic buildings scattered throughout the town, Howlong’s Heritage Trail provides the perfect way to explore this quintessential Australian country town.



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Mulwala's History

To discover more about the pioneering history of Mulwala and its industries, head to the Yarrawonga – Mulwala Pioneer Museum and explore the intricate exhibits on display all year round. 



Discover Mulwala’s history